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After I get Aurax for my main weapons, I'm gonna have to rethink my purpose in life
Well, realistically, trying to auraxium weapons severely limits your actual combat effectiveness. You lock yourself into farming with a single weapon and class, even if it's not the best for that given situation.
I am here like really I could of arxiumed my NS-7 two times XD
And I'm just here like... the only even remotely premium weapon I own is the NS-7 PDW, had it for almost over a year now, and not even 1/5th the way to auraxium.
Everyone is talking about their Auraxium and I'm just here like... I got a Cerberus...
Cybie is Love, Cybie is Life ~ New outfit motto 2014
Hey Cam I was wanting to sort the other channels by what they are fFPS, XXXX titles ect. I planed on making a Elite Dangerous room as me and Damann plan on playing it. Lastly I still need to have a chat with you.
I think that the only reason Steam actually pushes an update to an MMO like Planetside is so that new players can get going faster with updated files, rather than downloading a very old version and patching it with the launcher.
MMO's aren't very nice to steam. The launcher can patch any of the individual data packages but steam has to download a whole package if it's changed. That and updates come out too often to be pushing to steam's cdn.
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