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one or two months after the Valkyrie is released you will know exactly when to pull them. They fill a similar hole in the skies that the harasser did on the ground.
the Valkyrie simply opens up more possibilities for squad tactics and platoon strategy. We'll be able to insert a handful of people and provide close air support at a moments notice for one
Well, the state of it is arguable, but what I meant is that they have a solid foundation. If they really wanted to push the valkrie out, they could do it in 2 weeks or less.
Looks damned finished to me. Oh well, my air resources are already pretty low right now. With nanites it'll be even worse.
But it's not entirely finished, and it's likely that we will get a different product compared to what we see now.
I really don't see the point of the valkarie. Its not a drop ship, its not amazing at air to air since it has a belly gun and no maxes in the rumble seats, its relativley squishy, and its not that fast.
We are going to do more impromptu DAWN OPS more often regardless of the day and time. I want our more dedicated players to get better with real coordinated squad tactics. Anytime around 6+ are on we will see about doing it!
Oh shieeeet, floating island battles using the new Valkyrie. THE EXCITES. CAN YOU FEEL IT?
I am interested in directives. It gives people more tangible rewards for playing the game. And we get some cool stuff with it.
At least we get more certs and lumifiber without paying station cash.
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