Hey fellow DAWN members and guest,

It has been 2 months since Rainbow Six: Siege has come out and I couldn't be happier with the dedication and maturity you guys and gals have shown in the community.  We have a very active group that nearly every night has at least several squads going leaving no one out too long to squad up.  Going forward we are going to get a dedicated group of guys for competitive matches in RS:S lead by Jimbokoolz.  He has several people already in mind for active and reserve matches but in case someone cannot fulfill the obligations then we could use someone else to step up.  Just contact Jimbo or DaMann if you're interested.  Alternatively we are still actively recruiting more into our community for all players to join us as long as we stay active with the game.

The next game I want to heavily start recruiting is one I am most excited for in 2016, The Division.  The beta recent ended but do no frett.  Open Beta is going to happen February 16 that everyone can experience the fun of TD.  I already have my copy pre-ordered and invite you to do the same before the game launches March 8.  In the meantime join us on our teamspeak daily for all the games we play, not just RS and TD.  Quantum Dawn Gaming is a community and thus community driven.  If you want to get a clan going in any game then I will be happy to assist you in writing recruitment thread and/or helping bump them in the appropriate websites.  In the future we will have other groups for Star Citizen, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and more.  See you on the teamspeak.

- DaMann