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Aaron and Tellen, your presence is required ASAP.
Uh, guys, the server clash on the calender claims we are clashing with our own server. I'm going to assume that is a mistake, or that is really going to happen.
Camos submitions have been temporally closed, and outfit specific stuff isn't possible just yet, FXSTB
Shockwave and AaronG have been designing stuff.
Hey! Do we have any designers in the outfit? Dawn should have their own camo.
Once your application is reviewed you will receive instructions, Welcome!
How do I go about getting an outfit invite?
Decent Dawn ops again guys. If you have not joined us recently we are fighting better than ever. Come join in the fun this Friday and Saturday 7:00pm EDT. I will not be there this time but I believe in you guys.
Wow, so I see, Shock. In any case, they did like my helmet when I submitted it. They just regeusted a few revisions to the geometry.
So I need to invest in a new headset
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