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I'm streaming some dance games now. Come stop by if you want to see the only game besides PS2 I play these days. [link]
Dawn Ops tonight. Who wants to lead some hardcore ops?
I like the NS-11P and the other NS weapons that fit with that build, don't know why but they feel like really solid guns to me, although their firerate leaves a lot to be desired :/
I've been playing around with the NS-PDW since the first school months of last year, and I still haven't bothered to auraxium it, I stopped when the NS-11P was available
Hah, you've never seen the spur before. And lib is pretty damn easy to kill. 2 decis and you're fucked. And you're really easy to deci if you're shooting infantry with a spur
Admittedly, the Spur is a lib gun, so I'm sure you can rack up kills a lot faster, because you're a lot harder to kill.
I don't understand how people can auraxium things so quickly. It generally takes me a minimum of 24 hours of use, which is a minimum of a week or two. And that's totally tunnel visioning it, and not bothering to use weapons that fit the situation.
Fuck directives, I hate carbines.
really? It didn't take me too long to update my game, although those who had gamma access only had to update our game, they didn't even wipe before release.
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