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I posted H1Z1 Group Info in the forum for those interested.
Welcome NEW RECRUITS!!! Join our teamspeak channel so we can get you ingame on Planetside 2. Also join us in Arma3, H1Z1, Elite Dangerous, Path of Exile, Etc.
WOO Internet upgrade
Another auraxium medal, another personal record on time. It used to take me well over 24 hours of time with a gun to get an auraxium medal. [link]
Thank you a lot Concedus. I will match a month along with anyone else who would like to donate to the website and/or our teamspeak. Both are free to use for all members but donations are greatly appreciated.
Going to play more on main for now.
Bought ya a month
All this talk about using money irresponsibly. How am I going to waste my money? Grilled steaks for my brother and I, some new shoes and pants, hard drive and supplies for the VS Infiltrator costume I'm going to work on :sick:
ATTENTION: We need donations to our teamspeak server and website donations on our forums. I will match everyone's contribution if you tell me what you donated. THANK YOU!!!
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