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I will try to free my saturday immediately
SERVER CLASH THIS SATURDAY (Time TBA): WATERSON VS. CONNERY (US WEST) - We need at least one squad, but as much as possible!
Fun fact, dont post a picture of your test booklet on instagram before the test. Trust me, girl at my school tried last year, score cancelled within an hour.
Got dat Calc AB AP exam
i yolo'ed all my APs last year and got 4s n 5s
Sorry I havn't been on for ops, with AP testing coming up im getting swamped with HW ):
Moved in and net is back up. It will be some time till everything is put away but the new place is nice.
Well for those that are joining us again after a small hiatus now is the perfect time to come back! We are formally becoming more focused as a outfit and it shows. Im proud of all you guys who are stepping up.
hey guys is been a while.. i been having a hectic life plus i also having a case of the ESO's
We need a only flying vehicles night ops where we get like a full squad of scythes and rain hell with Photon Pods on infantry or Get 4 full libs and wreck everyone
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