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I'll be joining you guys soon in Arma3. Looks like fun.
haha rhino is entertaining
We're going down to Willy Wonka right now to cash your ass in, boy.
Here is a random video of the cops in the game: [link]
So for anyone that doesn't know, Arma 3 has a mod called Altis Life, you can be civilians/cops/vigil antes/rebels. Several of us have been playing this and it is awesome. I play as a vigilante and collect bounties for people on the wanted list.
Noc was just having trouble with his zipper, i swear!
My fps is taking pretty big hits too. I'm having to turn my graphics settings lower and lower. Now there isn't even any point of getting thermals because their range is literally 5 meters.
Americam getting stuck in boxes since 2014 [link] [link]
why're your fps dying plasma?
You hear that? That's the sound of my fps dying.
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