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An officer has to give you permisions. Join the spawn tube and I'll try to sort it out for you.
It's saying I have "insufficient permission" when I try to join a TS Channel (Alpha).
They have DAKKA
Man, TR weapons feel like real guns. While I like VS, their weapons sound like a cheap sci-fi movie.
My ESF is decently certed out, my sundy is too. My lib needs certs, my infantry is OK. I'm considering certing out lightning.
@Tactical, We normally reply within a few hours and at most by the end of the day. Jump into our teamspeak (ts.quantumdawn. com) and we'll get you into the outfit in game
er, not fun, nice*
Invest in a vehicle you commonly use? tbh, I have no idea what I would do with that many certs, but it's fun to see them there in my account.
Damn, 1900 certs. What should i do?
I applied to join this outfit yesterday but got no reply yet, can someone respond to it ?
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