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Speaking about B-Days: Happy Birthday mistikl and Ruchalus. Im going to be streaming all week (internet permitting). Look out for Planetside, Arma, and Shadows of Mordor gameplay.
I will be on more for NBG and Arma when I complete this Medic Auraxium. Only 600 more kills to go. And you guys should join us.
Thanks. I don't really care if its my birthday or not but since its once a year I might as well do something about it.
I dunno if that was indignance or excitement, so Happy B-day?
Its my birthday on wednesday!
Suppose I should've passed out a bit later yesterday so I could say Happy B-day to Shock, and now, in my time frame, of course it doesn't work.
Noctem this new server will go beyond Epoch and ArmA Life.
Shockwave we need you, I want to do some videos in ArmA, come back
I am Moderator, Chief Medic and a Police Cadet on Altis Life
They seem to follow you Damann, now tell them to play altis life :sick: BTW huge new NBG server coming soon with all custom content.
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