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I think I'll make it.
Thank god I don't work Saturday night. Super hype. :)
This Saturday Night Ops will have Drathamus Gaming do an outfit spot light on us so TRY TO MAKE IT!!
IM BACK!!! Hey are we doing Smite this Friday? Also this Wednesday we are going to do some fun hump day shit!
find people to play it!
I give up with people on Smite. I went 13-6-something with thanatos, and we still end up losing...
Also have a headache, throat is swollen, and tounge itches like crazy. I hate vacations.....Anyways, thanks I should be done by noon
ouch, well here's hoping hw will end quickly and you can get to farming.
Double xp is still on! Too bad I have hw and a violin lesson today. Life just doesn't let me farm.
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